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Sitemap Cards using Figma


Exercise for getting comfortable in Figma — which is a free (for now) web-based design app that is kind of like Sketch and Invision had a baby. Here’s a speed art video of me laying this out, demonstrates how easy, fast, lightweight, accessible, and platform-agnostic (read: AWESOME) this tool is! 🙂


Travel Site in Adobe XD

Interactive wireframes created in Adobe Experience Design for Windows. Showing the interactive links between the screens as blue splines. The Windows XD Beta is still missing some key features that are available on Mac (Masking and Boolean operations, Linear Gradients, and export options not least among them), but it’s still a such a fast tool for wireframing that it almost makes up for it.

Here’s a speed art video of me using Adobe XD:


Basics Wireframe Kit 1.0

First step of building my own wireframe kit from scratch. It’s been a while since I spent some real time in Illustrator and this excercise helped me to get precise again with grids and snapping, and learn the Shaper tool and other new CC features. Free to download and use, if you like. 🙂


Devel Landing Page

Concept landing page for an augmented reality urban planning app that would simulate walkthroughs of architechtural 3d models at the actual proposed building site, allowing stakeholders to visualize designs in context and forsee problems. Eventually could have an API that connects with chamber of commerce databases to show city zoning and incoming developments as in-app overlays.